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We Do Not Know Everything

We learn new things every day. We meet new people. Make new friends. Find more customers. Discover better ways to work. As a team, we grow and learn to get the job done right. If we don’t know how, we will make sure you know and get back to you with how we still might be able to help.

Our journey is fueled by challenges. Each unique roofing problem we encounter sharpens our skills and deepens our experience. This constant learning curve not only enhances our expertise but also ensures we’re always at the forefront of the latest roofing techniques and materials. Our commitment is not just to meet your expectations, but to exceed them, transforming every challenge into an opportunity to prove our dedication to excellence.

Your trust is our biggest motivator. When you share your roofing concerns with us, it’s not just a job to be completed; it’s a responsibility we take to heart. We believe in open, honest communication. If a solution isn’t immediately clear, we’re committed to researching and consulting within our network of experts to find the best way forward for you. We’re not just a service; we’re your reliable roofing partners, here to support you through every step of your roofing journey.

STEEP & HIGH? This Westfield rooftop was no match for the Indy Rooftops team.

Ridge cap installed with a hammer and nails.

New Shingle Install done on a local home in Indianapolis.
Another contractor leave you high and dry with bad results? We can fix that. This box vent has little to no use covered by underlayment in the attic.
Recent roof in Brownsburg Indiana that we replaced in October.
Sometimes roofs need a little more than just shingles... we can handle that.
Skylights old & bubbly? We can replace your old ones like the one in the photo with new ones that are solar powered & have patented bug screens to keep the critters out.
Whirly birds not so whirly anymore? We can get those swapped out for power vents or replaced with the nearest comparable model.
Spaced decking is not up to code. We bring the roof up to code in order to make sure the homeowner is taken care of the first time.
Some roofs are trickier than others. Whitestown Indiana.
We show up for your adjuster meeting to make sure your insurance company finds the damage that is there.
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Whether your roof needs a simple repair, or a full roof, we will treat your home like ours. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Whether your roof needs a simple repair, or a full roof, we will treat your home like ours. Ask us about our Veteran discount.

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