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At Indy Rooftops, we pride ourselves on being the go-to experts for homeowners in Avon looking for reliable and high-quality home exterior services. From roof replacement to siding installation, our team is dedicated to providing top-notch service that meets your unique needs. Let’s delve into how we can help you enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Metal Roof for Your Indianapolis Home

Roof Replacement Avon

Your roof is your home’s shield against the elements, and when it’s time for a replacement, you need a contractor you can trust. Indy Rooftops specializes in roof replacement in Avon, offering durable and aesthetically pleasing roofing solutions.

We understand the local climate and its impact on roofing materials, ensuring that your new roof will stand the test of time. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, from selecting the right materials to completing the installation with precision and care.

Roof Repair Avon

Even the sturdiest roofs can suffer damage from severe weather, fallen debris, or wear and tear over time. Indy Rooftops is here to provide prompt and effective roof repair services in Avon. Whether it’s fixing leaks, replacing damaged shingles, or addressing structural issues, our skilled technicians work diligently to restore the integrity of your roof. We focus on delivering long-lasting repairs that prevent future problems, keeping your home safe and dry.

Gutter Replacement Avon

Gutters play a crucial role in protecting your home from water damage by channeling rainwater away from your foundation and landscaping. If your gutters are leaking, sagging, or clogged, it’s time to consider a replacement. Indy Rooftops offers gutter replacement services in Avon that not only enhance your home’s functionality but also its curb appeal. With a variety of materials and styles to choose from, we can customize a gutter system that perfectly complements your home.
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Workman adjusting window frames at home

Window Replacement

Upgrading your windows can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency, comfort, and appearance. Indy Rooftops provides window replacement services in Avon, featuring a wide range of options from leading manufacturers. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of wood frames or the modern efficiency of vinyl, our experts will help you find the perfect windows to suit your style and budget. Plus, new windows can reduce your energy bills by keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Siding Replacement

Siding is more than just an aesthetic feature; it’s a critical layer of protection for your home. Indy Rooftops offers siding replacement services to enhance your home’s durability and curb appeal. Whether you’re looking for vinyl, fiber cement, or wood siding, we have the expertise to install it flawlessly. New siding can transform the look of your home, increase its value, and improve its insulation properties.


In conclusion, Indy Rooftops is your trusted partner for home exterior services in Avon. Our commitment to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction makes us the ideal choice for your next project. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your home.
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Whether your roof needs a simple repair, or a full roof, we will treat your home like ours. Ask us about our Veteran discount.

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