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Where Quality Meets Integrity

Indy Rooftops stands as a testament to enduring quality and customer care in the roofing industry. As a woman owned business, we blend personalized attention with the support of national companies and products.

Our roots begin Brownsburg, Indiana, have guided a company that values every homeowner’s trust, focused on a hassle-free experience from project start to completion.

Comprehensive Roofing Solutions at Indy Rooftops

At Indy Rooftops, our comprehensive roofing solutions cater to a wide range of needs, ensuring that every aspect of your roof is expertly managed. Here’s what you can expect from our services:

Expert Roof Inspection and Maintenance

  • Thorough Inspections: Our professionals conduct in-depth inspections to identify any issues, ensuring your roof remains in optimal condition.
  • Preventive Maintenance: We provide regular maintenance to prevent damage and extend the lifespan of your roof, keeping it efficient and reliable. (Leaky Pipe Boot Repair)
Chimney Rebuild

Roof Repair Services

  • Leak Repair: We quickly address leaks to prevent interior damage and maintain the structural integrity of your roof.
  • Shingle Replacement: Damaged or missing shingles are replaced promptly to preserve the roof’s effectiveness and appearance.
  • Emergency Services: Our emergency response team is on standby 24/7 to address urgent roofing issues, ensuring rapid and effective solutions.

Roof Replacement

  • Quality Materials: We select high-quality materials from reputable suppliers, ensuring your new roof is durable and long-lasting. We are able to use almost any manufactures products.
  • Skilled Craftsmanship: Our team’s expertise guarantees that every installation is precise, meeting the highest standards of workmanship.
  • Customized Solutions: We tailor roofing solutions to align with your aesthetic preferences and budget, ensuring complete satisfaction.
IKO Dynasty Granite Black Roof

Specialty Roofing Services

TPO Roofing: We specialize in Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roofing, known for its durability, energy efficiency, and weather resistance.

Built-Up Roofing: Built-Up Roofing (BUR) offers multiple layers of protection for durability and longevity. Ideal for those seeking extra protection.

Metal roofing: Metal roofing services we offer are durable and visually appealing, suitable for various architectural styles.

Flat Roofing Systems: Our expertise extends to flat roofing, utilizing top-quality materials for excellent performance and longevity.

Trusted Professionals

  • Local Expertise

    Our deep understanding of the Indianapolis climate and roofing code requirements, ensures that we provide the best solutions for your home.

  • Trusted and Verified

    Our reputation for quality and reliability is backed by positive customer feedback and industry accolades.

  • Fully Licensed and Insured

    For your peace of mind, we operate with full licensing and insurance, adhering to the highest safety and quality standards.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Indy Rooftops means opting for a partnership with a company that prioritizes quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction. Our experienced professionals use only the best materials, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.

We maintain open communication, providing detailed project updates and transparent pricing. Our no-compromise approach to quality, thorough inspections, and personalized solutions embody our commitment to delivering excellence in every project. We encourage everyone to check out how we rate on our Google homepage, Yelp, Angie’s List and BBB.

Our Pledge is to provide the following to every customer experience.

  • Great communication
  • Your project done correctly and to meet local building codes
  • Follow through on our commitments

Other Services

Window Replacement

Our window replacement services enhance both the appearance and energy efficiency of your home. We have different window styles like double-hung, casement, and sliding windows. They help keep your home warm, save energy, and look nice. Our team ensures a seamless installation process, using high-quality materials for lasting performance and aesthetics.

Board & Batton Hardie Siding

Siding Replacement

Siding not only protects your home from the elements but also significantly impacts its overall look. We provide siding replacement services using a range of materials like vinyl, wood, fiber cement, and composite, offering durability, low maintenance, and a fresh appearance. Our experts help you choose the best option for your home’s style and your budget, ensuring a transformative update.

Gutters and Downspouts

Properly functioning gutters and downspouts are crucial for directing rainwater away from your home’s foundation and preventing water damage. We offer installation, repair, and cleaning services for gutters and downspouts, using materials that resist corrosion and withstand extreme weather, ensuring effective water management and protection for your home.

Soffit and Fascia Repair

Soffit and fascia play a vital role in attic ventilation and roof integrity. We repair or replace damaged soffit and fascia to prevent moisture intrusion and pest infestation and maintaining the durability of your roofing system.

Insulation of attic with foam insulation cold barrier and insulation material polyurea Spraying

Blown-In Insulation

Improving your home’s insulation can significantly reduce energy costs and enhance comfort. Our blown-in insulation services are ideal for attics and hard-to-reach spaces, providing an efficient way to improve thermal performance and energy efficiency.

Skylight repair

Skylights are more than just windows to the sky; they are transformative features that can enhance the ambiance of any room, bringing natural light and a sense of openness.We specialize in harnessing these benefits through our expert skylight installation.

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At Indy Rooftops, we go beyond roofing to offer a full suite of services designed to enhance, protect, and improve your home. From window replacement to insulation, our team is equipped to handle all aspects of home exterior maintenance and improvement. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you upgrade your home’s functionality and curb appeal.

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Whether your roof needs a simple repair, or a full roof, we will treat your home like ours. Ask us about our Veteran discount.

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